A BAR could see its licence revoked following concerns over loud music, rowdy crowds and fighting which have been causing a “significant disturbance” in Dovercourt.

Wicks’s Bar, at Midland House in High Street, will face a licence review following numerous concerns over noise late at night.

A report said complaints and allegations have been made in relation to noise from “loud and rowdy” crowds congregating and drinking at the front of the premises, the premises operating out of hours, anti-social behaviour, fighting, broken glass, litter, underage drinking, drug use and customers urinating on cars.

Tendring Council premises sub-committee will meet on Friday to decide on the future of the bar, which is run by Alex Wicks.

A report said: “The operation of the premises has caused significant disturbance since the opening of the premises in May.

“The Environmental Protection team have witnessed noise nuisance from loud music and bass emanating from the premises on five separate occasions.

“Tendring’s Environmental Protection team served a noise abatement notice on the premises on July 2.

“Breaches of the noise abatement notice have been witnessed on September 8, 9 and 30.

“It is therefore the view of the Environmental Protection team that the premises continues to operate in such a manner that is inconsistent with the requirements of the objectives set out in the Licensing Act relating to the prevention of public nuisance.

“The designated premises supervisor Mr Wicks has been given ample opportunity and time since first being made aware of the complaints but has failed to make any improvements in relation to the loud music and bass emanating from the premises.”

Essex Police said it had been called to the bar 13 times since it opened while Tendring Council recorded 35 complaints.

The council’s licencing enforcement officer has now recommended that the committee revokes the bar’s premises’ licence, although other options it could impose include modifying the licences, excluding some activities removing the Designated Premises Supervisor or suspend the licence for a period not exceeding three months.

Alex Wicks, owner of Wicks Bar, said: “I have been in contact with acoustic design professionals to come up with a design to prevent noise escaping the building and helping me come up with a perfect noise management plan going forward to prevent any further complaints or nuisance to local residents.

“We are willing to get started on any construction work needed to soundproof once we have got the go-ahead, depending on the outcome of the premises licence review.

“We are taking this review very seriously and would love to work with the council and the residents to keep everyone happy.”

He added that measures have been taken to prevent drug use in the toilets.