AUDIENCES were treated to a special experience at the Electric Palace, Harwich, last week.

French pianist, composer and scenographer Jean-Francois Alcolea and his company performed the last show of their UK tour, entitled ‘Right in the Eye’. 

The early silent movies created by entertainer Georges Melies were projected on to the cinema’s original 1911 screen. 

Mr Alcolea’s orchestration offered a broad spectrum of sound involving more than 40 instruments.

The next day, the company performed a shortened version of the movie, sponsored by the town's Alma Inn. 

Pupils from Harwich Primary School and Wix and Wrabness Primary School attended.

After the screening, they were encouraged to experiment with the performers’ many weird and wonderful instruments. 

A spokesman for the Electric Palace said: “Everyone involved enjoyed the show and the Palace hopes the company will make a return visit next year.”