A CARE home resident who ‘never thought he would dance again’ has stepped back onto the dancefloor in the UK’s home of ballroom.

Jack Sargant, 85, was a keen ballroom dancer in his youth.

But he feared his dancing days were over after his wife Sheila’s death.

The pair met at 12-years-old and took up ballroom dancing as teenagers, practicing together until Jack joined the army at 18.

They began competing after his return and later won 30 medals for a variety of  ballroom dance styles, including a gold for Latin American, with the Rumba being Jack’s favourite. 

The happy couple also travelled to countries such as Egypt, China and India, where they enjoyed continuing to dance and learning the local routines.

After hearing Jack's story staff at Care UK’s Colne View in Dame Mary Walk, Halstead decided to get him back on the dance floor. 

The team with the help of My Home Life Essex Community Association’s Friends and Dovercourt’s CC Dance Studios, arranged for Jack to attend the Grand National Final of the Junior Ballroom Championships at Blackpool Winter Gardens.

Jack said: “The day was beyond wonderful, it brought back so many happy memories of dancing with Sheila.

 “It was wonderful to watch the youngsters dance and see how much passion and style they already have at such a young age.

"It was a dream come true to visit Blackpool – my favourite part was definitely getting up on the dancefloor.

“I never thought I’d dance like that again so to have the opportunity to do so, and in one of the country’s most famous ballrooms, was incredible – everyone made the day so special and even clapped for me when I turned up in my finery.”

The visit was part of the home’s Wishing Tree initiative, which encourages residents to put wishes forward, allowing them to reconnect with a past hobby or try something completely new.

Monica Boldeata, home manager at Colne View, said: “I’d like to extend a big thank you to the team here at the home, as well as to CC Dance Studios for helping organise such a meaningful trip for Jack – he’s been waltzing round the home ever since.”