HARWICH Arts and Heritage Centre will be playing host to a historical exhibition focusing on a family whose lives were impacted by the First World War. 

Stitching Together The Stopher Story: Suffolk And World War One uses embroidered textiles to retell the story of the Stopher family.

This is accomplished through stitching aspects of their lives including portraits, landscape around the village they called home and words written about their experience as soldiers.

Those interested in embroidery, social history and the First World War are invited to attend an upcoming event including talks, readings and memorabilia.

This will take place on Thursday November 30 from 12pm to 3pm.

The Stopher family had 12 children but the impact of the war left just seven.

Brothers Albert and George joined the military and were killed just over a month apart during the Arras Offensive in 1917.

Juliet Lockhart decided to embroider the portraits of the family as the use of stitched textiles links into the long tradition of the military using stitching as occupational therapy and to combat boredom.

The collection includes copies of some of the letters written by George and Albert more than a century ago.