A LONG-STANDING family farm could be transformed into an eco-friendly development after plans were submitted to council bosses.

Proposals for Pond Hall Farm, more specifically land between Connemara and Netherfield Michaelstowe Drive, Ramsey, Harwich, have been submitted to Tendring Council.

The documents show a desire to put up a self-built eco-friendly dwelling which would include a garage, access, and residential curtilage.

The farm has been run, maintained and upheld by farmers for 35 years.

In the submitted plans, the applicant said: “As it stands, the farm itself is one directional and subcontracted out due to the aging current owners. 

"However, utilising the in situ machinery, diversification and development of the infrastructure, and a youthful desire to build a generational business, offers huge potential to bring itself back into a modern era of agriculture.”

Farm bosses added they intend to “rejuvenate the family name across farming” by specialising in a "well-resourced facility" which intends to add American stables and a flood-lit outdoor ménage at a later date.

The land comprises 64 acres, which is divided into space for grazing, a community allotment-come-market garden and for agriculture.

Meanwhile, the proposed target market would include restaurants and cafés, the agricultural and equine community for hay reselling and horse owners with the equestrian facilities. 

Proposed buildings include a corn and grain store and hay and straw storage barns, as well as stables for horses and ponies.

The farm's intended income would be generated through bees, with honey and pollination services, as well as a wide range of sources including horse and pony liveries and a market garden and community allotment to provide vegetables.

A spokesman for the Environmental Protection team said: “Given the site’s surrounding areas historical use for agriculture, we are requesting a Watching Brief be conditioned (on any subsequent approval) and adhered to throughout the demolition and construction phase. 

“We request that the Local Planning Authority are contacted in the event of unexpected ground conditions being encountered during construction.”

In addition, the application’s planning statement outlines plans to "implement enhancement measures".

They added: “The development presents an opportunity to implement enhancement measures such as new planting and habitat boxes for roosting bats and nesting birds, which will increase the wildlife value of the site post-development.”