POLICE have revealed how many incidents they dealt with in November in Tendring.

A spokesman for the force said it helped to find 69 people who were reported missing and helped them to get the support they needed.

“We responded to 80 mental-health related incidents and worked with local partners to help those concerned get the help and support they needed," he added.

“We investigated 68 reports of antisocial behaviour having listened to local communities about the things which were causing them concern.

We attended 54 road traffic collisions, helping to keep those involved safe and our roads moving.”

Officers also investigated 272 reports of domestic violence incidents and ensured victims were given help, support, and advice, putting them in contact with relevant organisations where appropriate.

The spokesman added: “We solved 129 crimes, ensuring those intent on committing crime are held accountable for their actions.

“We have submitted 579 pieces of intelligence which assists us in targeting criminal activity in our community.

“Our officers also stopped and searched 70 people within the Tendring District to make sure they weren’t carrying anything which could cause harm to themselves or someone else.”