POLICE officers in Tendring have been conducting checks across the district in a clampdown on speeding.

Police community support officers conducted checks at Great Bromley, where they were joined by members of the community speed watch.

Within a short time, more than 20 vehicles were said to be exceeding the 30mph speed limit, with the highest recorded speed being 51mph in the 30mph zone.

Essex Police’s ‘You Said We Did’ scheme has also seen speed checks conducted in across Tendring.

Police community support officers from Walton and Frinton were joined by officers from the Tendring Special Constabulary to carry out checks in spots brought to police attention by residents.

While in Princes Esplanade in Walton, several motorists were captured exceeding the 30mph speed limit.

The highest speed was said to be recorded travelling at 45mph.

A force spokesman said: “Please be mindful of your speed, officers will be continuing to conduct speed checks across Tendring in areas brought to our attention by residents.

“Thank you to the drivers adhering to the speed limits.”