PRIMARY schools across Harwich and Manningtree have been ranked in order of performance after data was published by the Government.

Primary schools have been listed by the Department For Education, which analysed how pupils have performed between 2022 and 2023.

The table shows the schools with the highest percentage of pupils meeting the “expected standard”.

This standard is met by key stage two pupils achieving a score of 100 or more in their reading and maths tests.

It also considers that their teacher’s assessment is as expected or better when it comes to writing skills.

Bradfield Primary School was listed 40th of 565 schools in the league table with 79 per cent of pupils meeting the expected standard.

St George's in Great Bromley was 45th with 79 per cent while Highfields was 64th with 75 per cent.

Highfields achieved an "above average"score in reading, as well as "well above average" marks in writing and maths.

Hilary Cook, headteacher at Highfields Primary School, said: "I am absolutely delighted by these results which reflect the hard work and positive attitude of our fantastic students, and also the dedication of our amazing team of talented teachers and staff across the school, who all play their part in this achievement.  "As well as being proud of this academic success, we also offer our children a creative curriculum which enhances their broader life skills and love of learning.  "From the day children start at Highfields, they are nurtured as individuals and learn how to work and play together.

"We offer valuable first-hand visits and visitors from the local community who enrich our education and make it meaningful and engaging for the children.  "We also encourage sport and the musical talent of the children, offering many opportunities to participate and perform in local community events.  "Reflecting these achievements, our recent Ofsted Inspection enabled us to retain our ‘outstanding’ grade, which had initially been achieved in 2017, one of only 2 schools within this area to maintain this."

On the other end of the scale, Harwich Community Primary School was listed 536th with just 30 per cent of pupils meeting the expected standard To read the entire list, go to