A HISTORIC Harwich venue made a surprise appearance on a popular American chat show.

Actor Clive Owen was a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers where he was interviewed by the comedian of the same name.

During the discussion, Meyers pulled out a photograph of the Electric Palace cinema in Harwich.

Mr Owen said: “I’ve got a residence near there, in a small town called Harwich.

“I’ve got a history with the cinema. I remember the first time I went with my wife so many years ago.”

He went on to recall how he and his future wife ended up watching Moonstruck at the cinema by themselves early in their relationship.

They were initially told films weren’t screened unless there were six customers present.

Mr Owen said he had offered to pay for six people, only for the staff to play the film anyway having turned down his suggestion.

His involvement with the Electric Palace later grew.

Mr Owen added: “They asked me to become a patron and I’ve helped them out a lot.

“I’ve helped them raise money, got them funding to keep the place going.

“It was built in 1911 - it’s still as it was then.

“After I got this job, I got in contact and I did a Maltese Falcon/Casablanca double bill to a full cinema.”