A HARWICH boy is attempting to set a new world record by creating the biggest portrait out of Rubik’s cubes... with his whole family helping him secure the record. 

Henil Soni, 11, first became a whiz at Rubik’s cubes when he was five.

But it was only a year ago when he decided to use Rubik’s cubes to create big art works after being inspired by a primary school friend. 

Henil, who is also into cricket and maths, said he converts normal photographs such as the parliamentary photograph of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak into a pixelated drawing.

Then each picture can be divided into quadrants which shows Henil how to solve each cube to fit the pattern. 

Harwich and Manningtree Standard: Proud - Proud family Harsha, Nisa grandmother, Uncle Divyang, Henil, and mum PriyankaProud - Proud family Harsha, Nisa grandmother, Uncle Divyang, Henil, and mum Priyanka (Image: Newsquest)
Henil said he chose Prime Minister Sunak as he was a “famous person” and added that he would soon be doing a larger 50 by 50 cubes portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. 

While mum Priyanka revealed that each Rubik’s cube costs 89p and due to a deal, she struck with a supplier in India, that the cost including delivery to create Rishi Sunak was nearly £2,000. 

Priyanka said that she would be contacting the Guinness Book of World Records after half-term so during the next month Henil could hopefully complete any records before the end of year 6. 

Harwich and Manningtree Standard: Spirit - Henil Soni with his primary school Rubik's cube artworkSpirit - Henil Soni with his primary school Rubik's cube artwork (Image: Submitted)

Priyanka joked about the Rubik’s cubes taking over her house and explained that the Rishi Sunak display was too big to keep up in their living room.

Enjoying the half-term, Henil was making a Rubik’s cube display of his primary school’s logo with leftover skirting boards being used to keep the artwork straight. 

Henil had a collection of other types of Rubik’s cubes, with one 12-sided cube known as the ‘Megamix’ taking Henil “a long time to solve” - though this only takes Henil about three minute to solve. 

Henil will also be making an artwork of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he next goes to India later this summer.