A SIX-week initiative which will see Harwich and Dovercourt transformed into a giant game will return this month.

‘Beat the Street’ is a challenge which sees how far residents can walk, cycle, run, scoot and wheel with prizes up for grabs.

The annual challenge first launched in 2021, with 1,800 people signing up and covering over 3,800 miles in the first week.

This year the challenge will start on March 13 and end on April 24, being six weeks unlike 2021 when it only ran for 5 weeks.

The game sees residents join teams and earn points by finding boxes around town, with boxes scattered around both Harwich and Dovercourt for people to tap their Beat the Street cards.

There will be different themes for each week including Go Wild, Go Explore, Go Travel, Go Celebrate, and Go Active with special events being held throughout the town – where players can get extra points by tapping their cards to a mobile beat box.

Instead of physical cards, residents can also choose to download the free ‘Beat the street’ app be going to Apple and Google play stores.  

‘Beat the Street’ in Harwich and Dovercourt is delivered in partnership with Tendring District Council, Active Essex, Community Voluntary Services Tendring (CVST), and Intelligent Health.