TWO walking tour enthusiasts are set to hold an informative event which will take attendees from Dovercourt to Harwich. 

Laura Agustín and Rob Smith are set to take those interested in history on a walk for the second time together on June 1. 

Rob will be talking about Harwich's historical events, entities and characters whilst Laura will be explaining what it is like to be a seaman or a sailor in the Royal Navy.

The two-mile walk will begin at Harwich Train Station at 1pm.

Laura said: "We are guides in London, and we are friends who both love the landscape of the Essex coast and estuaries, so we collaborate on walks there and are keen to show how gorgeous and interesting the area is."

Rob grew up in Lincolnshire but gained an interest in the Essex coast after living in
the county in the 1990s. 

He said: "I'm a long-time researcher, writer and public speaker who loves to walk and decided to qualify as a guide to combine them all.

"My interest is to bring out stories of those usually treated as an inanimate mass in the
background of history walks: the poor, the workers, women, migrants and a lot of others."

The three-hour-long walk will cost £15.

For more information and to purchase tickets go to