EAST Anglia’s Children Hospices (EACH) is looking for extra volunteering help within its 48 shops, including at its stores in Harwich, Clacton and two in Colchester.

EACH has launched its ‘Don’t pass by, give volunteering a try!’ campaign to highlight roles such as dressing windows, steaming clothes, testing electrical equipment, and listing items on eBay.

Hannah Milbourne, volunteer services and development manager, said: “It’s so important to highlight the different things they can do, because it’s not just about serving on the till – although that’s very important, of course.

“Some volunteers love that interaction with customers, but we appreciate it’s not for everyone.

“Others prefer being behind the scenes, but the point is, all these jobs are equally important and vital parts of a bigger picture.

“Any amount of time helps and we need all the cogs and pieces to join together, moving in the same direction, to help support our large retail operation.”

Other roles include being a key holder, listing and sending books, and being a driver’s ‘mate’ where you head out to distribute goods, including collecting and dropping off furniture.

To find out more pop into your local shop, visit each.org.uk/volunteering, email volunteering@each.org.uk or call 01223 205183 (option four).