LECTURERS from Essex University inspired Lawford and other primary school pupils about the “everyday magic of maths”.

More than 120 children were exposed to a series of fun and engaging maths-based activities by the University of Essex both in an on-campus event and during a visit to Passmores Academy in Harlow.

The on-site university day began with Year 5 pupils from Lawford School getting an interactive tour of the university's Colchester campus.

After the tour, pupils took part in four unique maths activities designed to demonstrate the practical and enjoyable aspects of the subject.

The activities included a fun problem-solving puzzle designed to teach pupils about algorithms and patterns, involving red and green frogs which had to navigate lily pads through jumping and sliding challenges.

Students from Purford Green Primary School, Pear Tree Mead Primary Academy, Potter Street Academy and The Downs Primary School and Nursery - who were unable to travel to the Colchester campus - met at Passmores Academy on June 19 where the full university experience was recreated. 

Emma Bloomfield, Headteacher at Purford Green Primary and Potter Street Academy said: “It was a pleasure to be part of this project and work alongside the University of Essex”.

“We plan to use our established links to ensure that this will become a regular event for the young people in our community as part of the Essex Year of Numbers legacy.” 

Roy Blatchford, chair of the Essex Education Task Force, said: “Our Essex Year of Numbers goal is to ignite a passion for maths in children at an early age.

“By bringing the University of Essex together with Passmores Academy, we hope to demonstrate that numbers really are all around us and can be both exciting and rewarding.”

In both events, the team at the University of Essex encouraged pupils to find out more about the university environment and explore their options early, helping them prepare for careers where maths and numbers will play a crucial role.

For more information about the Essex Year of Numbers and to access resources visit www.essexyearofnumbers.co.uk.