Brazilian coffee farmers were guests of honour in Harwich recently as Milsom Hotels launched a new signature coffee blend.

Paddy & Scott's, together with fifth-generation Brazilian coffee farmers Derio and Luisa, travelled across the UK to celebrate the unveiling of the Milsom Signature Blend at the Milsom Hotels and Restaurants properties.

This included visits to outlets in Ipswich, Harwich, and Dedham.

The new coffee blend, consumed exclusively at Milsom Hotels and Restaurants, combines beans sourced directly from Meru, Kenya, and Espirito Santo, Brazil.

During their UK visit, Derio and Luisa engaged with managers and front-of-house teams at various Milsom establishments, discussing the nuances of coffee cultivation and drawing parallels with wine-tasting notes and the influence of growing conditions.

This new blend is grounded in sustainability, mirroring efforts by Derio, Luisa, and Paddy & Scott's to uphold ethical farming, shipping, and roasting protocols.

The blend, with hints of dried fruit, blackcurrant, and nuts, marks the first change in coffee served at Milsom establishments in nearly two decades.

The Milsom Signature Blend is now available at all its properties for patrons and packaged in 1kg bags for those wishing to take a taste of this unique experience home.