AN AMBITIOUS plan to bring a fun-filled festive twist to a struggling High Street has already gained support from the mayor.

Dovercourt resident, Liana Bridges, plans to bring a mobile ice rink to Dovercourt next Christmas, complete with a snow machine and a log cabin.

Ms Bridges, who is the artistic director at Dovercourt’s KIngsway Hall, said: “I went to have a look at the ice rink at Clacton Common this Christmas and I didn’t think it was very big and I thought we could do a lot better.

“I have been in touch with a company who could put one up with a log cabin and a snow machine for a few days and we could have stalls there as well.”

Speaking at a recent conservation panel meeting, Harwich and Dovercourt mayor, David Rutson, said he thought it was a very good idea.

Mayor Rutson said “They have the ice rink at Clacton Common and we don’t have anything in Harwich and I think the kids would love it.”

He added: “I was amazed at the price, it was much cheaper than that £5,000 for the three strings of Christmas lights we have in the High Street this year.”

Ms Bridges, who has helped to organise many projects for children in the Dovercourt area and once worked on the Sooty and Sweep programme, said the ice rink would be an ideal way of attracting shoppers to the town next Christmas.

She said: “People would be able to spend some time in the town centre shopping and then go ice-skating. We could have mulled wine and food and a Christmas market around the ice rink and it would bring a real Christmas feel to the town.”

She added: “This year everyone has been moaning about the lights and they are very small for the money. For the same amount we could have a fairly large ice rink which would be a great focal point for the town and a morale boost for everyone.”

Ms Bridges plans to apply for funding from Harwich Town Council to pay for the mobile ice rink, which is expected to cost around £4,000.

It is thought the rink would be put on the car park in Nelson Road, behind Kingsway Hall, in Dovercourt.