KIDS have walked down the red carpet for their very own award ceremony.

The youngsters from class five at Spring Meadow Primary attended the premiere of their own film at the Electric Palace on Thursday.

Family and other members of the community were invited to the world premiere of their film Maggot and his Evil Minnions - in which a rogue computer attempts to take over the earth and render its inhabitants brainless.

Using the storyline Creative Partnerships animator, Martin Sercombe, worked with the children on the production of the film.

Class five teacher, Ann Tyrell, said: “It was amazing to see them writing so much; then they started to make montages and track shots.”

The film project took in pupils own ideas and inspirations from author Anthony Horowitz's 'Stormbreaker', a class book they were reading, a series of school-based film workshops and a class research visit to the Science Museum in London.

Carolyn Ann Ford, who runs Film Education at the Electric Palace, said: “ We are extremely lucky in this area to have a number of dedicated film and media practitioners who are able to work with local schools and provide such crucial opportunities for children and young people to develop their creative abiliities"

A Bafta-stryle award ceremony took place at the end of the premiere and pupils were each presented with a mini film trophy to celebrate their achievement.