TENDRING Council’s administration is relying on one man not to bring it down, according to a councillor.

Four members of the Community Representatives left the party this week, following speculation about the party’s future after rumours circulated that it was disbanding.

The move leaves a question hanging over the leadership of Tendring Council, which currently lies in the hands of the Conservatives and the Community Representatives who have an alliance.

With John Brown, who also sits on Tendring Council, leaving the group, it is unclear as to who has the majority on the council.

Steven Henderson, leader of the Community Representatives who also sits on the council, said: “We will have to wait and see how John votes in the chamber.

“Of course he could bring the administration down, we all realise that because he has got that floating vote.

“I also look forward to John fulfilling his promise that he will resign his seat for a bi-election because he has left the party.

“We, however, will still be a fully functioning party and we will build up again.”

Ramsey and Parkeston councillors David Smith, Lesley Donn and Martin Donn left the Community Representatives this week along with Harwich Town councillor John Brown.

It leaves only Harwich councillors Steven Henderson, Dave Rutson and Patricia Burke as members of the party.

Mr Smith, said: "I leave with a heavy heart.

“It is not a question of rats leaving a sinking ship.We have done everything we can over the last few months to keep the party afloat.

“The party has been subjected to attack after attack and we survived.

“But we have been destroyed from within.

"Other members of the CRP will make their own minds up as to whether they want to leave.

“If we do form a new group they will be more than welcome to join.”

Neil Stock, leader of Tendring Council, was unavailable to comment.