GREEN fingered gardeners packed out an annual autumn show this weekend.

More than 300 people entered the Lawford and District Horticultural Society's show on Saturday at the Ogilvie Hall, Lawford.

Chairman of the society Les Way, said: “I wasn't really expecting such a wonderful turnout after the season we've just had.

“What with the very hot dry July, then cold and wet in August followed by strong winds, which brought down many plants, it's a really wonderful display.

Entries were up on recent years and the judges complimented the members on the standard of the exhibits.

President Janet Hodgeson presented prizes to the winners at the end of the afternoon.

Trophy winners included Barber cup for roses, Edna Green, and Bob Norton bowl for floral art, Brenda Sparling.

WINNERS are: CLASS winners at Lawford and District Horticultural Society's annual autumn show in Ogilvie Hall, Lawford, on Saturday were: 3 HT roses, Edna Green; 1 HT rose, E Green; floribunda roses, Ann Sargent; 3 stems roses, E Green; giant dahlia, Graham Whitehead; medium decorative dahlias, Brenda Sparling; small or miniature dahlias, Reg Appleby; ball dahlias, G Whitehead;cactus or semi cactus dahlias, B Sparling; small cactus dahlias, G Whitehead; pom pom dahlias, Les Way; 2 varieties of dahlias, G Whitehead; waterlily dahlias, L Way. Gladioli, R Appleby; perennials, E Green; asters, Liz Thurlow; annuals, Lydia Geddes; 3 spray chrysanthemums, Ken Bunton; 1 variety spray chrysanthemums, L Way; single and double spray chrysanthemums, L Way; single disbud chrysanthemum, Peter Hawkins; reflexed chrysanthemums, P Hawkins; incurved chrysanthemums, L Way; intermediate chrysanthemums, P Hawkins; 5 disbud chrysanthemums, P Hawkins. Foliage plant in to up to 6ins, P Hawkins; foliage plant in pot over 6ins, A Sargent; flowering plant on pot up to 6ins, Joy Rolfe; flowering plant in pot over 6ins, L Way; cacti, K Bunton; succulent, J Rolfe; homegrown garden flowers, E Green, Arrangements: Thoroughly Modern, Ann Morsley; Autumn Glory, B Sparling; miniature, E Thurlow; novice, Holly Whitehead. Dessert apples, Jenny Francis; cooking apples, E Thurlow; pears, Pam Garrad; any other fruit, Jean Appleby; white potatoes, Peter Ottaway snr; coloured potatoes, Peter Smith; runner beans, Alan Rowe; cherry tomatoes, A Rowe; tomatoes, A Rowe; truss of tomatoes, Lisa Lucas; long carrots, Geoff Theobald; short carrots, G Theobald; onions from seed, P Smith; trimmed onions, K Bunton; onions from sets, E Thurlow; shallots, L Way; exhibition shallots, P Smith; sweetcorn, Geoff Whitehead; any other vegetable, J Appleby; beetroot, Pauline Garrad; cucumbers, G Theobald; ridge cucumbers, G Theobald; marrows, G Theobald; courgettes, J Francis; parsnips, G Theobald; top tray, P Smith; basket of vegetables, J Francis. Date and walnut cake, A Morsley; Victoria sandwich, Vera Rowe; chutney, L Lucas; jam, J Rolfe; model from recycled materials, Lily Arnold; chocolate truffles, L Arnold; model from vegetables, L Arnold; flower arrangement in kitchen container, James Arnold; gift tags, J Arnod; chocolate muffins, J Arnold.

Dry white wine, Bernie Trimby; sweet white, Peter Ottaway jnr; dry red, P Ottaway snr; sweet red, L Lucas; rose, L Lucas. Hand or machine-made article, Pat Irish;doll in knitted clothes, Joyce Minns; hand knitted garment for child, Alison Trimby; any other handicraft, David Harris.

Photographs: a parade, L Lucas; countryside, E Green; transport, L Lucas; weather, A Morsley; anniversary class , B Sparling.