LIFEBOAT volunteers have been thanked for helping to save dozens of lives at sea.

Clacton RNLI held a presentation at its boathouse, in Hastings Avenue, to thank former crewman Ryan Carvey and the crew’s former medical advisor, Dr John Lineen.

Ryan is the son of current deputy launch authority Dave Carvey.

A spokesman for the crew said: “Ryan joined the crew back in 2001, starting as a shore helper before swiftly moving on to becoming crew on both our inshore lifeboats in 2002.

“Ryan served on the lifeboats alongside many other crew, some of whom are still serving at Clacton now.

“Eleven years after joining, Ryan’s other commitments meant he had to leave the crew and in that time he helped save 20 lives.

“We can’t thank Ryan enough for the time he put into saving lives at sea.”

He was presented with a certificate of service with thanks from the institution.

Dr Lineen, the station’s lifeboat medical advisor, was also presented with a certificate of thanks.

The spokesman added: “Since 1993 when Dr Lineen first joined forces with the RNLI, he has seen many faces come and go through his practice, St James Surgery.

“When the coastguard or crew needed a doctor out on the boat, John was always there to come afloat and lend us his expertise.

“After serving an astonishing 26 years as a lifeboat medical advisor at Clacton Lifeboat, John has passed the reigns over to Dr Arora.”