A SPRINKLE of Christmas magic was dusted over Dovercourt for a festive event.

Santa and his elves opened a community grotto for children in the Boutique Paint Station on Saturday.

Children also has the chance to meet an d be photographed with Frozen princesses Anna and Elsa, and Olaf the snowman.

Ponies trotted around the town to spread festive cheer. The event was organised by Create, a community group set up to host events in the town.

Kirsti Ayling, organiser, said: “We took the ponies for a little walk around the town, it was very magical watching people’s faces light up, especially the children’s faces to see festive dressed ponies. We are so overwhelmed with the support received from everyone in the community and are just really happy to be able to offer these initiatives to our town. Les Nicoll, also of Create, was rightly so our town’s Santa, he does amazing things for the community and was perfect for this role.”