AN angry husband burst through a locked bedroom door and sunk his teeth into the hand of his screaming wife in an unprovoked attack, a court heard.

Michael Roling, 66, let a “flash of frustration turn to anger” after his wife of 17 years shut herself in a bedroom following an argument.

The victim was awoken by the sound of her husband forcing his way into the room.

She was forced to call the police after Roling, of Una Road, Parkeston, launched his attack.

Philip Pearson, prosecuting at Colchester Magistrates’ Court, said: “He barged through the door, breaking the lock, and lunged at her.

“She put up her arm to try to protect herself - he bit into her finger.

“She screamed out for their son to assist. He lunged at her a second time and again bit her hand a second time near the thumb.

“He grabbed hold of her right arm and bit her right hand near her little finger while she was trying to phone the police.

“The wounds are bite marks, including abrasions to her inner knuckle.

“Mr Roling appears before you a man of previous good character, with no previous incidents recorded against him.

“There were no previous domestic call-outs so this is the first time he has been reported to the police in the relationship.”

The court heard the attack followed a “stressful” day at work for Roling, who has been employed at the same petrochemical refinery for 43 years.

He admitted a charge of assault by beating.

Frank O’Toole, mitigating, said he is “deeply ashamed” of his actions.

He said: “There are no ifs or buts - he accepts what has gone on.

“On the date in question he was a bit under the weather, he had had a stressful day at work.

“It was a flash of frustration turning to anger at himself and his inability to cope. He is deeply ashamed of himself, if he could undo what happened he would. It was a one-off event he badly regrets.

“He says he loves his wife and is concerned about what he has done.”

He added: “She is a lady who has chronic health problems and the defendant, to a large extent, has assisted her at every turn.

“He was concerned and that was the reason why he forced the door of bedroom - because she was prone to fits and he was concerned, to some extent, about her welfare.

“He is disappointed, but understands perfectly why his wife would want a restraining order - he does say he would like to send her a very formal letter of apology.”

Magistrates denied Roling the opportunity to contact his wife and instead granted her wish for a restraining order.

Barry Hawes, chairman of the bench, said: “We do note you are of previous good character and accept this was very much out of character.

“But these are serious injuries, this was a nasty attack.

“You barged through the door causing alarm and distress.”

Magistrates ordered Roling to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work and pay £170 in fines and costs.

A restraining order lasting 12 months was imposed, forbidding him from contacting the victim.