DRIVER thanks farmers for help on the roads after being rescued by a tractor.

Roads were left impassable yesterday when blustery winds blew snow drifts onto the roads.

Sam Trowbridge, of Railway Street, Manningtree, said: “We were returning from collecting my daughter from her dad at Stanway and we came off the A120 to come through Little Bromley to get home to Lawford. We hit a snow drift and we were engulfed in snow and had to stop so we got stuck.

“With three children in the car, one of them being only two, and my 18-year-old sister, I was so scared we were going to be stuck for ages as there was no other traffic.

“A 4x4 with three young lads stopped and tried to pull us but they couldn’t as they just kept spinning. Just as I thought we would have to ring the emergency services one lad said he would go and get his tractor so we waited for about ten minutes and he came back and pulled us to safety.

"I honestly don’t know what we would have done without them.

“I never got their names but we did give him £10 just as a token to say thanks so much.

“All the farmers really need to be thanked and appreciated for all their efforts. We saw a few helping out all over the place.”

Yesterday morning the A120 between Horsley Cross and Harwich was closed with traffic backed up for miles.

Some cars had been abandoned on the route as the road became impassable overnight.

The alternative route out of Harwich through Little Oakley, between Seaview Avenue and Mayes Lane, was also closed due to a severe snow drift.

Cars were also stuck on the B1035 between Horsley Cross and Manningtree with drivers urged not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

Buses also suffered severe delays and trains were cancelled between Harwich and Manningtree.

Neil Stock, Tendring Council leader who lives in Little Bromley said: "The snow plough was apparently stuck in a drift down the road.

"All roads were impassable here and very dangerous."