RETIRED racing greyhounds met for a ramble around the woods and riverside in a bid to make friends and raise the profile of the breed.

The Greyhound Trust Suffolk organised the meet up in Mistley on Sunday.

Families and their pets met up to take on either a short, pushchair friendly walk along The Walls, or a longer trek through the Furze Hill woods.

A total of 77 greyhounds and 12 other dogs and their owners turned up for the event, which included three greyhounds currently looking for homes.

Four-year-old Bobby, two-year-old Lass and five-year-old King, were all wearing “I need a home” coats to try and find a family.

Avril Park, from the trust, said: “We organised two walks - a short walk of approximately 30 minutes for the older dogs, which was led by Angela Upson starting from Mistley Place Park and the second longer walk went through the woods to Old Knobbley and back along Shrubland Road and Green Lane, led by myself.”We get a lot of people turn up - the owners are quite passionate.

“They all had a lovely time, it’s a nice social group and they swap tips and share experiences

“We get people stop and ask about the dogs - they stop and stand back in amazement.”

Avril added that retired racing greyhounds are normally between three and five years old and make great pets.

She said: “All of our dogs have retired from the racing industry - the emphasis being on retired not rescued.”

She said greyhounds don’t need any more exercise than most other breeds, are mostly calm, gentle and laid back and are often referred to as the 40mph couch potatoes as they spend so much time asleep.

For information about the trust, and the dogs available for rehoming visit