HUGE snow drifts have flooded a road leaving a tractor, car and caravan stranded on it for hours.

Four foot snow drifts have started to melt, causing deep flooding in Grange Road, Lawford, this afternoon.

The snow is piled high on the banks on either side of the road, with the middle of the flooding as it melts.

Nick Winship, of Hungerdown Lane, Ardleigh, got his Saab estate stuck in the snow drift and flood about two hours ago when he was trying to deliver bales of hay to a nearby resident.

When the 62-year-old's car got trapped in the snow drift he managed to get out of the vehicle and walk a mile and a half home to get his tractor.

His wife Lindy, 52, said when he drove his tractor back down Grange Road it ended up falling into a ditch.

Both Nick’s tractor and car are still stuck on the road.

Lindy said: “My husband had been stuck for two hours and Essex Highways told us to just wait until the road thaws out but he is diabetic.

“They should have shut the road off because it’s impassable, but you can’t tell until you get down there.

“A friend was manning the road for about two hours to prevent other cars getting stucks, but we can’t ask people to keep blocking the road.”

She said Nick is now trying to dig his car out of the snow as he does not want to abandon it.

Gena Brooks, from Colchester, saw the vehicles stuck in the road and ditch.

She said: “Essex Highways don't want to know and say to leave it all there until the snow thaws and I had to leave the scene after two hours of waiting.

“I used my car to block the road and turn other drivers around.”

She said the owners of the vehicles are still at the scene but she had to move to pick her child up from school.

She added: “The road needs closing until it's safe to prevent more people getting stuck in it, as it's on a blind bend.

“I did turn a couple round with a new-born in the car, thank goodness they didn't get stuck.

“There were quite a few cars and vans I had to stop and turn round, this is why the police need to be there, but they didn't seem too interested.”

Essex Highways have been contacted for comment.