PLANS for a historic vessel to be moored off Harwich Quay have been submitted to Tendring Council.

The LV18, the only lightship now in existance, would become a museum and visitor attraction for residents and tourists to jump on board.

But people are confused as to why the mooring would be at the Quay when it was originally intended for Gas House Creek.

Lawrie Payne, Harwich Town councillor, said: “Firstly I don’t think it will be the right attraction for the Quay.

“I think it will be a distraction if it is put there and will affect the view point.

“And I don’t think the attraction is big enough to take such a prominent place in its own right.

“The best place would be Gas House Creek near the prospective car park so that people see it when they arrive and park up.”

Colin Crawford, president of The Pharos Trust which owns the ship, said: “The Quay is the only place that can take the ship because of the depth of water.

“I don’t know of another place that would be deep enough.

“We have done a lot of work and a lot of precise drawings and we hope it will be well received by the public.

“It will be an extremely interesting visitor attraction. People like going on ships as was proven Easter last year when the ship was down temporarily in Harwich.

“I just hope people will read all the proposals and realise it’s a sensible proposal.”

Plans were submitted to Tendring Council by The Pharos Trust and a decision is hoped to be reached by January.