A BUSINESSMAN has hit out at plans to moor a ship outside his hotel, insisting he has “never been consulted”.

The Pharos Trust is seeking planning permission from Tendring Council to moor the LV18, the last manned lightship, at Harwich Quay.

But the owner of The Pier Hotel, which the ship would be parked next to, believes that the plan could drive away tourists rather than bring them in.

Paul Milsom, managing director of Milsom Hotels which owns The Pier, said: “I have got to say I am disappointed and unimpressed.

“They are going to park it outside The Pier and whatever they say it is going to demean our view and the view for customers.

“Tendring Council is just sticking a great rusting hulk permanantly outside the hotel and it doesn’t seem to be the way forward for Harwich.

“Who is going to visit it?

“It’s not ever going to bring people in. Tendring Council is just doing this because they know they need to seem as though they are doing something for Harwich.”

Colin Crawford, of The Pharos Trust, said: “I would gladly meet with Mr Milsom to discuss the matter thoroughly.

“We do not want to harm his business in any way and we even think the lightship might improve it.”

Nigel Brown, Tendring Council’s communications manager, said that the council is aware of Mr Milsom’s concerns as he has already made contact about this issue.

“No decision has been reached about this project,” he added. “A report was put before the council’s Cabinet and has since been called in and it will now go to an Overview and Scrutiny Committee.”