A NEW candidate has announced he is running in next month’s general election because “people are dying while politicians are arguing”.

Tony Francis, of High Street, Dovercourt, is standing as a Christian Independent candidate for the Harwich and North Essex seat.

The 61-year-old said he would be surprised if he won, but he wants to give a voice to what he is doing.

Mr Francis said he has decided to contest the seat because he is “fed up with the bickering, petty minded political semantics while people are literally dying”.

He said: “I represent community action. Every resource is tired and weary, money is not available.

“What I see is the most extraordinary move of ordinary people to support the dispossessed and marginalised.

“This action, which is saving and sustaining lives, needs full support.

“It is the humanitarian expression which we all have in us and it needs every bit of creative expression to increase it.

“These are our communities and we are all responsible.”

The Piecing Community Together Hub leader said through this community group he is bringing hope to hopeless situations and has a broad and growing number of effective partnerships.

He said: “The NHS needs radical reform. In the meantime, whilst party politicians argue, we must look out for each other.

“The Twelve Step programmes make a huge difference and are a resource which must be regarded and deployed to combat the epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse.

“I am developing access points for this very thing to happen.”

Once elected he wants to tackle housing issues, drugs and crime problems.

The born and bred Harwich resident policed the north Essex for 22 years, dealing with street level and serious crimes.

He has also worked as a community officer in West Mersea and the villages between there and Colchester for five years.

The Brexit supporter believes we need to be realigned with “our true allies”, the former Commonwealth and for this “we need to be out now”.

He said: “That can and will be fully embraced once we are delivered from the yoke of the EU.

“We also have a duty to the Middle East and the one true democracy centred there, Israel.”

The Christian candidate said: “I severe, no man. I serve God.”

The other candidates in Harwich and North Essex are: Michael Beckett, Lib Dem, Sir Bernard Jenkin, Conservative, Stephen Rice, Labour, Peter Banks, Green, and Richard Browning-Smith, Independent.