A MUM told how she was savagely beaten in the street.

Anja Housden-Brooks, 40, who lives in Southend, was left with a broken nose, broken eye socket and severe bruising after the incident at the corner of Alexandra Street and Market Place in Southend.

She told how trouble started after she had enjoyed a night out.

She said: "I hadn’t intended on staying out very late as I had family commitments the following day."

Anja told how she was subjected to a savage ten-minute attack by another woman.

She continued: “I was left with a broken eye socket and broken nose, I went to hospital the following day.

“My tear duct was also split and it bled for about 12 hours.

“I was very frightened and my teeth caved in a bit at the front, I will need dental work to fix them.

“I kept shouting at her asking why she was attacking me.”

She said she feels violated and very angry about what she describes as an unprovoked attack.

She said: “I am a bit worried now about going out partly because of the attack and because I feel I look a mess and as my face is so swollen.

“A kind stranger came to help me after the attack.”

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “We are investigating reports of an assault on a woman who suffered a fractured cheekbone and nose.

“Anyone with any information should call Southend CID on 101.”