A DIG is taking place to find out whether a building site has any historic artefacts hidden beneath it.

Colchester Amphora Homes was granted permission for a new development at Creffield Road in Lexden.

Work is now underway to determine if the site has any major archaeological significance before construction works begin next year.

The site is on a former Roman road and is in a historic site of interest.

The investigation work will be led by Colchester Archaeological Trust, supported by Colchester Council’s archaeological advisor.

Theresa Higgins, Colchester councillor responsible for commercial services, said: “This archaeological exploration is crucial to help us understand more of our wonderful Roman history.

“I am delighted to have seen first hand the care that is being taken during this process.”

The development is comprised of a listed Victorian building, which is being refurbished into six apartments, and two new town houses which are being built in the grounds of the Victorian villa.

The development is part of a wider delivery of 400 homes across the town.

A total of 30 per cent of the homes will be affordable.

The hundreds of homes, to be built over the next five years, will be at developments in Creffield Road, Mill Road and St Runwald Street as well as on former garage sites.