I may have a bit of television overload.

It is very possible I am in need of a long walk somewhere to shape off the need to keep watching stuff and to work off the extreme amount of pudding I have consumed in the past 36 hours.

And I defnitely need to make a few televisual new year’s resolutions.

The first of which would be to finish watching the myriad shows I have begun, and are absolutely worthy of my full attention, in the past year and then failed to return to.

Many of them are five star shows.

Ones folk have talked long and enthusiastically about and have been nominated for top awards.

For example, we cantered through the first series of Killing Eve, nary pausing for a cup of tea or a Country Slice.

And while the second series was no less entertainiing - we made it through three episodes before something diverted us.

Equally, I couldn’t wait for the Crown’s third season to arrive but I still haven’t watched it all.

It might be I had decided not to binge it - to pace myself and to savour its grand scale and excellent acting.

But again, it waits for me to come back to it.

As does Stranger Things.

I might be on my own here, but I don’t think the second or third series had the same massive impact as the first which is perhaps why again, halfway through the run, I got distracted by something else.

I did manage however, to get through all six episode of Dundee-based thriller Traces within a few days in the run up to the festive season.

Unless you have Sky, you might struggle to watch this, which is a shame, because it was a bit of a treat.

A good old-fashioned who-dunnit with a thoroughly modern edge to it - pretty much lead by a mainly female cast but ably supported by Martin Compston.

You may know him as southern Steve in the Line of Duty, but here he gets to revert to his heritage and use his own accent.

Probably a good thing since his Estuary twang occasionally goes a bit Antipodean, but is still way better than any Caledonian effort I could muster.

So with such pedigree, also appearing is the criminally underused Vincent Regan and Laurie Brett (doing a creditable Scottish accent herself since she is miles from her usual Eastenders stomping ground), along with top Scottish actress Laura Fraser, it is a huge shame this is sort of hidden away on Alibi.

Yes Alibi.

Unless you like re-runs of long forgotten detective shows, you probably don’t use this one much and it isn’t currently accessible on Freeview.

Hopefully, though, with the word of mouth Traces is picking up, that will soon change.

Apparently, this was the first commissioned drama from the channel so I expect good things to come.

Not to mention a possible second series since along with the main story arc, there was a very promising thread based on the research lab the main characters all worked at.

But not too soon - because I have many an abandoned series to pick up and peruse in the first quiet months of the year when it seems like it might actually be four months, not four weeks, until pay day.

This is when I will be watching the festive Call the Midwife and putting the box sets and catch up into over drive.