A BAND set up by a former busker will embark on a unique 12 month project which will see them release a new single every month next year.

Wivenhoe’s Ben Wood, 35, and his band Ben Wood and The Bad Ideas will launch the project in January by releasing the first of the 12 singles - Noondrunk.

The song has already received some pre-release attention at international radio stations, including in Australia, Japan and the United States.

Ben said: “We’ve always tried to push ourselves and to try different ways of making music.

“We’re really excited about releasing the new material in a different way.”

Ben, of Richard Avenue, said the band would be working with other artists.

He said: “So many people have been working on it for years.

“We will be doing collaborations with different artists, but we will have to write the songs as we go, so in some months we might experience difficulties.

“But we are really excited about it.”

Before forming the band, Ben, who grew up in Dovercourt, was a busker on the London Underground during the day and performing live gigs in the evening.

When the opportunity arose to contribute to an X-Ray Spex charity album in the United States however, he knew he needed a professional outfit behind him.

But as one of only two British artists involved in the project, he had to find a band, record a track and get it sent over to the US in just 48 hours.

The band’s name is inspired by his original doubts over swiftly resolving the scenario.

But despite his trepidation the band has gone on to succeed and the group haven’t looked back since.

The band is made up of Andy Duke on guitar, Clive Bissell on drums and Ed Sonsino on bass.

In 2012 they began their musical journey, performing at Prince Charles’ Garden Party at Clarence House, playing at the Yes To Life festival and releasing a compilation track, called Obsessed With You as their first single.

The band’s single, The Reveal, released in 2018, featured Bruce Thomas of Elvis Costello and the Attractions on bass as well as artist Cristabel Christo.

“We love collaborating,” Ben said.

“Things we just wouldn’t have thought of come to the fore and it brings such different character and identity to the songs.”

And the 12 singles released next year will also have some top names featuring on the tracks

In 2020 the band will have guest spots from musicians such as Dave Barbarossa of Adam and the Ants and Bow Wow Wow, Billy Ritchie of 60s prog pioneers, Clouds and even Paul Cook of The Sex Pistols.

Los Angeles based musician Nick Maybury and Michael Webster of Southend’s Baddies and Asylums will also feature on guitar.

To find out more visit Facebook and search Ben Wood & The Bad Ideas.

The songs will be released on Back2Forward Records in the new year.