A band is aiming to rock the night away when it hosts a gig in memory of one of its biggest fans.

Heavy metal act Osmium Guillotine is dedicating its upcoming show at the Kavern, in East Street, Braintree, to supporter and close pal Wayne MacConnachie.

Wayne, who himself acted as a DJ under the name Enjå Bergman, tragically took his own life last year, aged 37.

Joining Osmium Guillotine on stage on the night will be fellow heavy metal bands Walk In Coma and Kaine.

All three acts are aiming to raise money in Wayne’s honour for the Mind mental health charity and will be appealing for donations throughout the evening.

Osmium Guillotine drummer James Balcombe said: “Wayne was a really great fun guy and life and soul of the party.

“He had a heart of gold, but behind closed doors he had been suffering from mental health issues and depression.

“In recent years he’d lost both parents and his brother, although none of us realised quite how much he was suffering as he was always in good spirits when we’d see him at one of our gigs.

“We all now wish he would have spoken out more about how he was feeling, and have discussed between us that if any of us are going through any issues to talk to each other about it.

“That’s why we decided to do this event for Mind which is all about young men being more open and talking about their issues.”

James says his band also plans to release an EP, which includes some new tracks and mixes put together by Wayne, which will see all profits donated to Mind.

He says the tribute gig at the Kavern has an extra special importance for Osmium Guillotine and admits the memory of Wayne will be in the back of everyone’s minds.

He added: “Braintree was chosen as it’s essentially our home turf. I live in Braintree and the rest of the band and many of the people who knew Wayne live in or around the area.

“We did our album launch at the Kavern just over a year ago or so and it was a great night. It seemed like the best place to put on a tribute gig.

“It will be hard not having Wayne there. We’ve done a few gigs since his death and its always a gut-punch knowing he isn’t there in the crowd.”

The gig takes place today at 7.30pm.

Entry is free but donations are welcomed.