THANK you to the nations’s heroes.

That is the message our readers have been sending to the doctors, nurses and paramedics and all medical staff in the NHS.

Since the coronavirus outbreak thousands of people have tested positive and sadly thousands have also died.

The virus is indiscriminate.

Young and old are falling victim to this horrendous illness.

While the majority of the population are confined to their homes, the NHS heroes are risking their own health to help those most in need.

To say a big thank you to those who are treating us, local newspapers across Newsquest are joining forces to raise money for the incredible NHS workers at the frontline of the healthcare crisis.

We think it is time for us as a country to say thank you – and we hope you will join us in donating money to support this workforce.

We are supporting NHS Charities Together, which supports 250 charities across the UK including the Colchester and Ipswich Hospitals charity.

NHS Charities Together has launched an urgent Covid-19 appeal which is raising money to support workers and volunteers at the frontline of the pandemic.

So far more than £6,000 has been raised in just a matter of days.

And our readers and kind donors have also been sharing priceless words of thanks and encouragement to those on the frontline.

Sue Smith said: “I donated because the NHS is doing an amazing job and all the employees deserve a massive thank you.”

Anna Carlin added: “Without our NHS and it’s incredible workers we are nothing in this crisis. Thank you to the nations heroes.”

Donise Perkins said: “I donated because I want to say thank you to NHS staff and volunteers who are working so hard and putting their own lives at risk to help save others...Thank you so much.”

Chris Burke said: “I want to thank all the NHS staff for bravely and selflessly helping others.”

Andrew Symonds added: “My daughter is on the frontline in this fight against Covid-19, and I wanted to show her and her colleagues how much I appreciate their efforts.”

Funds will be used for well-being packs and gifts for staff up and down the country as well as food deliveries and refreshments.

It will also be used to cover the cost of travel and accommodation and other items which enhance the well-being of NHS staff and volunteers as they work so hard to fight the virus.

Please donate whatever you can and let us give a collective, united message to our NHS workers - the paramedics, the GPs, the doctors, nurses and all the support staff - of our huge appreciation for their efforts.

To make a donation, visit

You can also get involved in our campaign by telling us why the NHS matters to you or how it has made a difference to your life.

Tweet us or post on Facebook to share your stories, using the hashtag: #ThankYouNHS.

You can also get involved by sending us a picture of yourself holding up a piece of paper reading, “#ThankYouNHS” - some of which we will print in the paper.

Let us show our NHS staff that we care, and that we are grateful for everything they are doing for us all during this crisis.