A FLEET-footed police officer out for an evening stroll collared a burglar fleeing a raided building site.

Metropolitan Police officer PC Glenn Nash, from Colchester, was walking past the Bloor Homes building site, in Rowhedge, with his son.

Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court heard the pair spotted people shining torches on the site.

Giving chase, PC Nash caught up with 20-year-old Luke Smith, tackling him and seizing a bag of stolen goods.

Robert James, prosecuting, said: “Upon the people with torches realising they were being watched, they ran away.

“Mr Nash chased Mr Smith and caught up with him.

“He had a hold-all with him which had items later identified as having come from that building site.

“Following his arrest police conducted a search of his property in Colchester, where numerous other items were recovered.”

The court heard more than 150 stolen items were found, including tools and car keys, with most identified as belonging to Bloor Homes, Hills Building company, Smooth Tune Ltd and Stanway Motor Company.

Smith admitted one charge of burglary with intent to steal and two counts of handling stolen goods.

The Bloor Homes building site raid took place in 2018.

The court heard Smith has since become homeless.

Mr James said: “He was interviewed and gave no comment.

“At the time Mr Smith committed these offences he was a man of previously good character.”

Shade Abiodun, mitigating, said Smith, of no fixed address, remembered nothing of his crimes.

“He is currently homeless, but is attempting to get a permanent address with the assistance of Colchester Borough Homes,” she said.

“He tells me he has no drug or alcohol addiction problems.

“He suffers with diabetes and is trying to get that under control, hopefully if successful he then hopes to gain employment.

“His mother assists him by allowing him to use her property to accept correspondence.”

She added: “He doesn’t recall what was going on his life at the time of the three month period when the offences took place.

“He doesn’t remember, or recall any useful information or as to why this offence occurred. He tells me he simply can’t remember.”

Smith was granted unconditional bail until a sentencing hearing at the court on July 2.