LAWYERS representing a convicted murderer have called for further evidence to be disclosed, saying it could lead to his conviction being overturned.

Jeremy Bamber, 59, has launched a bid for the Crown Prosecution Service to disclose evidence he believes clears him of murdering five members of his family at White House Farm in Tolleshunt D’Arcy in 1985.

He believes documents have been withheld proving two silencers were found at the scene throwing doubt the evidence presented at his trial and making it possible his sister, Sheila Caffell, had murdered the four others before turning the gun on herself.

At a virtual hearing at the Administrative Court in Leeds, Joe Stone QC, representing Bamber, said disclosing the evidence would provide a real chance for his conviction to be overturned.

“If there was second sound moderator then it would fundamentally alter the way the prosecution case was put,” he said.

“It would be helpful evidence in support of Mr Bamber. It could be potentially invaluable and is arguably the most important exhibit in the case.”

However, Annabel Darlow QC, representing the CPS, said the presence of another sound moderator was irrelevant because of how deep the blood had been lodged, meaning Sheila could not have shot herself.

“It doesn’t matter if another 40 were found at the property,” she said.

“The only significance of the sound moderator is that it had blood type matching Sheila Caffell on it.”

Bamber is serving a life tariff at a high security prison in Wakefield. He has always protested his innocence and has a team of supporters backing him as part of the Jeremy Bamber Innocence Campaign.

The group is planning a crowdjustice campaign to try to raise funds for investigative work and an appeal.

The killings were recently the subject of an ITV drama called White House Farm, which Bamber criticised for being inaccurate.

Justice Julian Knowles deferred a decision on whether the evidence should be disclosed until next week.

“It is a very important, complex case and I want to take a little time to consider,” he said.