RESIDENTS are being urged to have their say on plans to install a zebra crossing to make a dangerous road safer for schoolchildren.

Campaigners have been calling for the crossing in Parkeston Road, Dovercourt, to be installed for years in the hope it will slow down speeding drivers.

The campaign was launched after parents of children at nearby Spring Meadow Primary School raised concerns about the safety of crossing the road with councillors.

The issues surrounding the safety of children crossing were raised with Essex Highways which carried out a feasibility study to look at how and where to put in the crossing last year.

Funding has been made available from the Local Highways Panel for the new crossing, which will give much greater visibility for pedestrians.

Essex Highways is now inviting residents to share their opinions on the proposal by October 16.

Ivan Henderson, Essex county councillor for Harwich, said: “It’s really good news as it was originally raised to me by parents who were concerned about children crossing the road.

“There were a few near misses and we had a speed survey carried out and it was proved there was a speeding problem on that road.”

He added: “The main concern was about the safety of children who cross the road for school or to use the nearby park.

“This was something which was brought to my attention and now It looks like the calls for action have been heard.”

The results of a speed survey in 2013 prompted attempts to make the road safer with speed warning signs designed to enhance the existing school crossing patrol signs.

The signs advise motorists to drive at 20mph when the lights flash.

An Essex Highways spokesman said: “The scheme, one of many being considered by Tendring’s Local Highways Panel, is about to go out to public consultation as part of the statutory process. Once it has completed, comments will be reviewed.

“After that and once the panel’s processes are satisfied, construction information will be passed to the contractor who would then schedule the work, subject to obtaining the usual permit for road space and materials.”

To submit your comments about the plans for the zebra crossing visit