A LOCKDOWN baker has become a viral social media sensation after her unrelenting desire to make hearty pies for the vulnerable touched thousands.

Flo Osborne, 89, originally of Harwich, currently lives in Rosebank House sheltered accommodation in Dovercourt.

Due to her age, at the start of the pandemic, she was considered to be most at risk to the more devastating impacts of Covid-19 so had to remain indoors for months.

For many vulnerable and elderly people, the lockdown was a lonely and isolating experience, but Flo was never going to sit twiddling her thumbs while waiting for the storm to pass.

Instead, she decided to positively pass the time by transforming her tiny kitchen into a conveyor belt of comforting and stomach-warming homemade pies.

These would be collected by her proud son, Graham Osborne, who owns Harwich’s Samuel Pepys restaurant.

He would then drop the pies off at Harwich Community Centre before the North Essex Support Team would deliver them to those in need of a tasty treat.

So far, Flo has baked more than 100 fruit and meat pies, which is in addition to the 120 hot meals the charity has been delivering three times a week.

North Essex Support Team founder Les Nicoll, 69, praised Flo for her inspiring efforts.

He said: “This is a remarkable act of community kindness and a huge victory over age and supposed infirmity.

“Every pie is made from scratch and cooked in her tiny oven for us to distribute to the vulnerable and elderly.

“This wonderful lady has done incredible work and is an inspiration.”

Les shared Flo’s touching contribution on social media and the original post has already been seen by more than 50,000 people

Many people have even inquired about sending a special gift to Flo to thank her for what she is doing.

“The post has made Flo famous right across the world and we have had messages from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand,” added Les.

“Flo deserves all the recognition and admiration she gets.”

To send Flo a gift or message of thanks, visit Samuel Pepys, in Church Street, Harwich.