AN author’s new book in which a murder investigation leads a famous fictional detective to an otherwise quiet seaside town has been published.

The Case of the Air That Was Taken, written by Wivenhoe storyteller Keith Brooke, centres on the legendary sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr Watson.

Published in an anthology called The Book of Extraordinary New Sherlock Holmes Stories, the tale sees the intuitive pair take an initially innocent trip to Frinton.

The relaxing trip, however, soon sees Sherlock Holmes whip out his magnifying glass and pull on his Deerhunter hat as strives to solve a callous, grudge-riddled murder.

Speaking about the book, Keith, who composed the story with crime editor Maxim Jakubowski’s compilation in mind, said Frinton provided the perfect setting.

He said: “When I was considering what kind of story to write for Maxim’s new anthology, I was struck by the idea of transplanting Holmes and Watson into one of the newly popular Victorian resorts flourishing in north Essex.

“Where better than genteel Frinton-on-sea for a spot of murder and intrigue?”

Writer Keith is perhaps better known for his science fiction and teen fiction publications, and his bestseller Piggies once outsold the Harry Potter books.

Despite the popularity of his softer works he has always had a fondness for crime writing and his stories have appeared in worldwide magazines and anthologies.

He added: “I've always enjoyed reading crime fiction, and as a writer I'm often drawn to puzzles.

"I think it's just the way my mind works. Even my strangest science fiction often revolves around conundrums and mysteries of one sort or another.

"With crime fiction, the puzzle relates to events that will change a character's life forever - a murder, a false accusation, a betrayal - and that gives the writer a powerful window into that person's lives and relationships.

"Another big reason I'm drawn to the genre is that crime stories are nearly always very deeply rooted in their settings, and it gives me stories I can use to write about the area where I grew up and now live - nearly all of my crime stories have been set in north Essex."

The Book of Extraordinary New Sherlock Holmes Stories, in which Keith Brooke’s The Case of the Air That Was Taken is featured, is out now on Amazon.

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