IN 1938 the people of Harwich opened their arms to hundreds of child refugees who escaped from the terrors of Nazi occupied Europe.

This month marks the 82nd anniversary of the Kindertransport’s arrival into Harwich.

The historic train carried 200 children from a Jewish orphanage near Berlin to Harwich.

Overall, the huge rescue saw about 10,000 children travel to the safety of Britain to save them from the Holocaust.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

To remember Harwich’s role in the humanitarian mission, a group launched the Harwich Kindertransport Project with the aim of having memorial sculptures made for the town.

The designs have now been approved and the statues will be situated in Harwich Quay.

They should be completed and ready in late 2022.

Nigel Spencer, the vice chairman of the HKP, said:“I am really proud to think that the HKP has progressed so far within two years of my initial concept.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

“The chairman, treasurer and committee are a joy to work with and their knowledge and experience has been and continues to be, invaluable.

“Also Harwich Town Council and Tendring Council deserve huge credit in supporting and playing a vital part in ensuring that the project progresses in a positive manner.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

“This is Harwich’s way of celebrating it’s key role in the Kindertransport Movement and to rightfully join the international circle of memorials that link us to the needs of humanity both then and now.”