YOBS were caught on camera smashing bricks near a listed building which reportedly resulted in a broken window.

In CCTV footage obtained by the Gazette at least three young-looking people can be seen congregating at the back of the Kingsway Hall, in Harwich.

One of vandals then proceeds to pick up bricks and broken bits of plaster from a wall attached to the venue before aggressively smashing the debris on the ground.

As well as leaving behind an unnecessary mess, the careless actions of the group reportedly ended with the Grade 2-listed building’s window being smashed.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

Tiffany Wood, 36, runs the Kingsway Hall with her husband Tony, 55, who purchased the historic asset some years ago and funded a major internal renovation.

She said: “The exterior is in need of refurbishment, but it is made ten times worse when the bored youths of today mindlessly vandalise for fun.

“I felt annoyed when I found out what had happened, and these teenagers have a lack of respect for other people’s property.

“They have caused damage to the Kingsway Hall and smashed a window. I am hoping they come and clean up and do some litter picking around the building.

The Kingsway Hall is often used to stage performances and for a variety of different community events, and the ground floor is also rented out by St Helena Hospice as a charity shop.

Tiffany and Tony are now looking to replace the damaged window and repair the wall, for which they will need purchase new bricks and paint and for pay rendering.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

“Why should we keep throwing money into this town when this is the thanks we get?,” added Tiffany. “Replacing smashed windows is not easy nor cheap.”

“For the exterior of listed buildings you have to swap out like for like, so if I cannot get the same glass we will need to apply for planning to change the glass.

“It is not an easy job to maintain a listed building of this size, but we try our best to keep it as a great asset for the community to enjoy.”

Tiffany and Tony have opted against reporting the incident to Essex Police.

To watch the footage showing the moment bricks are smashed on the ground visit gazette-news.co.uk.