A CLUB at the heart of Brantham is soon to be a thriving hub at the heart of the community as volunteers push to help reach its potential.

Efforts have been focused on Brantham Leisure Centre, in New Village, after a team of volunteers set out to turn it into a community hub.

Louise Madley, who recently joined the management team at the centre, explained they want to become more than just seen as a sports club.

The 45-year-old said: “We have had a lot of time to think during the pandemic and we decided to outline what we were planning to do going forward.

“I’m ready to put the time and effort in, it’s a really great facility we should take advantage of.

“It’s had a fresh lick of paint, a refurbished loung area, new coffee station and we’re changing the menus to include foods like homemade quiches and specials which will run when we’re open.

“The aim is to run it more for the community. Baby and toddler classes are really over-subscribed due to all the new builds in the area, so one idea is to introduce a club at the centre.

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“As well, everyone has been stuck inside the past year and so we’re looking at mental health activities for children, as well as cinema nights, cookery clubs and mini discos, while also encouraging a youth club which Brantham has missed for a long time.”

Mrs Madley, who is known for previously setting up Bakes and Blossoms in Acacia Court, is hoping the venue will gradually be able to start providing activities from May 17.

However, things will really get going from June 21, when the government roadmap allows more freedom.

“I really see potential in the centre,” she added, “It’s such a great facility, it really is, there’s so much outside space. The possibilities for what we can do are endless and it’s time to maximise the potential.

“I’m really excited, I’ve got so many ideas going round in my head. This centre has got so much to offer and I really am raring to go. Everyone has been so supportive which is so important.”

With lots of big ideas already being drafted into their calendar, the one standout event to keep an eye on is the big village BBQ on July 10.

The event will look to celebrate the village and its community spirit.