A LIFEBOAT was launched to bring two young girls to shore after they had drifted far out at sea.

RNLI Harwich’s lifeboat was called to the scene shortly after 6pm last night after reports of two casualties being in a perilous situation.

One person was taken to hospital following the incident.

A quick-thinking kayaker was also on hand to help bring them to safety at the incident off Felixstowe.

A spokesman for Felixstowe Coastguard Rescue Team said: “When the team arrived on scene a kayaker was bringing the two casualties ashore.

“First aid was provided until the ambulance arrived before the casualties were passed over to the East of England Ambulance Service.

“While inflatables may be ok for pools, they’re not ok for the sea. Please do not use inflatables in the sea, it doesn’t take much for your situation to change for the worse.

“If you do find yourself in trouble remember – stay calm; float to live and on your back; do not panic; shout for help.

“If you see somebody in danger then dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.”

The incident comes as the warm weather sees people flocking to beaches to enjoy the impending summer sun.

Richard Wigley, of the RNLI, added: "The simplest advice to anyone wanting to use a small inflatable in the sea is don’t.

"The best advice for anyone in trouble in the water is to simply float to live and allow time for help to arrive.

"We can all float, even non-swimmers. Just fight your instincts to thrash around and fight the sea because it will win.

"Lean back keeping your airway clear, chest up and float - gently moving your hands about can help.

"Once your breathing has settled, then call for help."

The ambulance service confirmed one patient was taken to hospital following Wednesday's incident.

A spokesman for the service said: “We responded to an emergency call shortly before 6.30pm regarding an incident in Felixstowe.

“We sent an ambulance to the scene and two patients were treated on scene.

“One patient was transported to Ipswich Hospital for further care.”