AN inspirational five-year-old has created an ‘anti-coronavirus rocket’ to urge everyone to stay indoors.

Rosie Kirkman who underwent open heart surgery to help fix her aortic stenosis only a month ago, created the cardboard rocket named ‘Rosie’s Covid-19 anti-virus rocket’, to help remind everyone to stay indoors.

Harwich and Manningtree Standard:

Survivor - Little Rosie was also diagnosed with a rare genetic condition, KGB Syndrome, when she was two

Little Rosie was also diagnosed with a rare genetic condition, KGB Syndrome, when she was two.

Only 200 people in the world are known to have it.

The Kirkman family are currently in self-isolation after Rosie was rushed to Basildon hospital with symptoms of the virus.

She was sent home last weekend, four days after being admitted.

Her mum, Pam, told the Echo that the rocket had messages written on the side.

One read: “I will save the world. Everyone stay indoors.”

The 45-year-old said: “It’s been stressful and hard for all of us.

“She’s really missing her friends. We’ve got to make sure she’s got her medical supplies.

“She made the rocket out of her empty boxes.

“She found being in hospital over the weekend really scary.

“All the play equipment was locked and the nurses all wore masks.”

Rosie’s heart condition means she is fed through a tube with high-calorie milk for 18 hours a day.

She has never eaten or had a drink in her life.

Rosie is smaller than other five-year-olds and is more comparable to a two-year-old.

Mrs Kirkman explained how Rosie’s condition has improved since the surgery on February 27.

She added: “The surgery has helped somewhat.

“The day after though she did have a severe chest infection, which she is prone to.

“That set her back quite a lot.

“We were so scared she might have had the virus.

“Her cough has only just subsided. She had a high fever too.

“Because she has delayed development of two years she doesn’t really understand what’s going on.

“Her nine-year-old sister is self-isolating and she’s really missing her friends too.”