A MUM’S mad dash to hospital saw her give birth in a disabled toilet before her husband cut the umbilical cord while she rested sitting on a bin.

Laura Stibbards’ waters broke during the car journey to Southend Hospital and little baby Emilia Grace was so eager to meet her family, Laura almost gave birth in the car park.

The doting mum, and husband Simon, managed to get through the hospital doors...but Laura had no other option but to give birth in a disabled toilet.

After being four days overdue Laura was set to be induced.

The 34-year-old from Southend said: “At first there wasn’t really any signs at all, my two-and-a-half year old Jessica was awake and screaming so that woke me up, and it wasn’t until 1.30am I started to get contractions.

“We called the doctors around 6am, when they started talking through what to do next and said come in when you’re ready. But I ended up having three contractions just between the house and the car.

“They then started to fasten to every minute or so. I could feel she was pushing and I thought oh god, she’s coming now.

“My waters broke on the way to the hospital and she was about to arrive in the car park, so my husband had to carry me inside.”

Despite the short seven minute drive, Laura knew she wouldn’t make it to the maternity ward.

She added: “There were two midwives who hadn’t even started their shift who organised for someone to get me a wheelchair to take me to the ward, but I knew there wasn’t time.

“It felt she was half out already and I just about made it to the disabled toilet near Costa- she came out just as I was pulling my trousers down. Thankfully the midwives caught her, cleaned her up and made sure she was okay.

“In the end she was born just before 7am and my husband cut the umbilical cord whilst I sat on the bin.”

Emilia Grace is now settling into the world at three-weeks-old.