FEMALE pupils will march through school gates dressed in skirts in a bid to “take back their feminism” and stand against an “unfair” skirt ban.

Ashlee Maher-Daniels, from Basildon, is one of 40 pupils set to take part in the peaceful protest on Wednesday at the Basildon Academies.

The organiser, who is 14, has slammed a “sexist” skirt ban which allows girls to only wear trousers to school.

Miss Maher-Daniels has tried to raise the issue, but claims discussions were not successful.

The school pointed to “uniform infringements” as the reason for the ban.

The year ten pupil said: “Skirts were stopped around 2017/ 2018 time and I honestly couldn’t believe it, I was so upset. I always thought they would change their minds, but it’s been years.

“There was never any reason given - it is sexist and just isn’t fair.

“We’ve even asked if skirts will ever be allowed back and they say ‘no’.

“Whenever we try to discuss it, we just get ignored. We should be able to have a choice in what we wear. It’s taking away our feminism.”

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Her mum, Louise Maher, also called for a re-think.

The 31-year-old said: “We were so shocked when we got the letter.

“When I was growing up, skirts were always part of the uniform.

“Some girls don’t like wearing trousers and aren’t comfortable with it, I know I hated it.

“When they were allowed to wear skirts I always made sure she wore a pencil skirt, it was never anything she could roll up.

“If some were doing that and that was the reason for this, why not pull up these specific children on it, rather than punishing everyone?”

A spokesperson from the Basildon Academies said: “Our uniform policy supports students from being disproportionately disadvantaged for uniform infringements.

“We have an active and effective student voice, Ofsted recognised that ‘Student voice represent and support other pupils well’, as well as ‘staff encourage students to become responsible and active members of the school and the wider community.”