To help you before polling day on May 7, we have asked the political parties to explain why you should vote for them at the Tendring Council elections.

UKIP - Mick Skeels

UKIP is proud of our area.

Our council candidates are 100 per cent local.

We believe Tendring could be so much better.

For years, our council has been run like a cosy club. Too many councillors answer to each other, not to local residents.

We believe it’s time for change.

Tendring Council wants 12,000 new homes. UKIP says this is too many.

Of course, young people need to buy homes, but there are not 12,000 local people needing somewhere to live.

These 12,000 houses are t o accommodate the London overspill.

The few that run the council have failed to speak up for us.

They have failed to sort out the streetlighting fiasco.

After £8million was spent to install light switches on every lamppost, Tendring Council should have got Essex County Council to switch many streetlights back on.

Tendring Council has failed to ensure more GP surgeries.

If you can’t get to see a GP, it’s no wonder people will go to A&E, putting the hospitals under pressure.

They have failed to curb benefit migration.

The residency qualifications they introduced have had to be abandoned. UKIP will reduce the number of councillors and make sure they answer to you.