CHASE Lane Primary School continued their successful sporting year with glory at this year's district sports event.

Overall they won the boys' and girls' relay trophies, the overall track trophy, the overall field trophy and the boys' championship.

Every primary school in the district was invited to compete at the annual athletics competition, where events included sprints for years three, four, five and six, a 600 metres race, throwing the vortex, rounders and cricket ball, a running long jump, a standing long jump and relays.

Chase Lane enjoyed great success, with special mention going to Toby Perry for winning the year four sprint, Ty Greene the year six sprint and Ellis Taylor the 600m.

In addition, there was further success for Lewis Ketley (vortex), Aidan Taylor (cricket ball), Hayy Kabungu (standing long jump), Jai Ramplin (running long jump) and Amy Turner (standing long jump).

St Joseph’s won the girls' trophy and small schools trophy, while Wix and Wrabness won the Determination Cup.