HARWICH and Parkeston manager Mike Wallace says he and his club will support any of the suggested outcomes for the remainder of this season.

The Thurlow Nunn League campaign has ground to a halt because of the coronavirus, with play not due to resume until next month at the very earliest.

As things stand, Harwich's next scheduled fixture is their home date with Barkingside on April 4.

All of this month's fixtures have been postponed.

The Thurlow Nunn League have suggested three outcomes as to what happens next - to either void the season and restart next term, resume when possible or finish the league with points per game determining the final placings.

"I can’t see there being any more football this season and, honestly, I don’t have a clue what the outcome will be," said Wallace.

"We just don't know and, personally and honestly, I can see pros and cons for all the arguments.

"Whatever the league and FA decide, we, as a club, will back it because we, like everyone else, want two things - for everyone to be healthy and to get our football back.

"As a club, following government guidance, we've cancelled all training from first team to youth teams and this will be in place until the government advise otherwise."

Wallace says he and his club are determined to do their bit to help supporters, during these worrying and uncertain times.

He believes they are the best in the league and should be looked after, especially older and more vulnerable Shrimpers followers.

"One thing I can say for certain is that next year, the club will need their support more than ever," said the Harwich boss, whose side are tenth in the table.

"For now, though, in this time of uncertainty, I want to offer support where I can.

"Whatever happens over the coming months, people's health is the most important thing.

"To me, our supporters are the best in the league, the best locally and they have been there for us every Saturday.

"It’s now time for us to be there for them.

"Every Saturday, if any of our older supporters or supporters with medical conditions need help with shopping, medication or jobs, please contact me on 07717 614661.

"I will happily come and help out.

"If they’re anything like me, they’re most probably missing their weekly football fix so anyone can contact me at anytime, if they just want a football chat or someone to chat to.

"I'm there at the end of the line."