HARWICH and Parkeston skipper Nicky Palmer believes it is right that football takes a back seat at the moment - and says others should get their priorities right.

The Thurlow Nunn League campaign has been terminated because of the coronavirus, with all results expunged and no promotion or relegation.

However, Palmer believes it is irrelevant compared to the bigger picture and the health and safety of the general public.

"What I've found slightly concerning is the time spent worrying about next season," said the Shrimpers stalwart.

"Individuals are concerned about promotion, the money that's been spent and how it's going to affect clubs going forward.

"But, at the end of the day, it's the lower end of non-league football.

"People need to contextualise their priorities.

"There are players getting paid at our level and it's up to them if they choose to support a club at this time or take the money.

"You run the risk with contracts and deals at non-league and can't have it both ways.

"People have lost their lives and jobs and these are the real issues. Not whether your club has moved up a level or a player will leave.

"Clubs will survive one way or another but there's a bigger picture here and football should take a back step.

"I completely understand the importance of football and even more so as a tool for communities to get together and the physical and mental health benefits.

"However, if the season is written off, or whatever the leagues decide, there isn't a real loser. Not in the grand scheme of things.

"As much as people hate to say it, football isn't the be all and end all.

"People working on the front line, NHS workers, social care staff, care workers, the shop staff, delivery workers and those in logistics keeping the country moving are the ones that matter.

"The outcome of a non-league football season doesn't seem so important when you consider what's at stake.

"We'd rather have communities safe and healthy and looking out for each other before we worry about whether we can get back to football."

Harwich were tenth in Thurlow Nunn League first division south, with 37 points and ten victories from their 26 games.

Their last league outing was a 2-1 victory at Fire United, on March 3.

"As a player, you lose a routine," added Palmer.

"You aren't training with the boys midweek and then Saturday comes and there's a void, because generally you spend the week looking forward to playing at the weekend. But you learn to manage without it.

"We do our bit to keep fit.

"I've been out running and previously the boys were in the gym.

"Everyone can do their own thing and everyone has enough knowhow to keep themselves fit."